DUER Sustainability Impact

Our Impact

Call it counterintuitive but we’re in the business of encouraging the world at large to consume less. This is where our company philosophy becomes our sustainability story. We aim to simplify closets by developing versatile, durable and quality clothing that lasts. This way we can collectively buy fewer things and do more with them.

In terms of our collective impact on the planet, the single most important thing we can do is purchase a few well-made pieces that we wear consistently.


Our fabric story relies primarily on natural-based components (cotton and tencel). Tencel factors largely into our sustainable story because it’s plant-derived and developed through a ‘closed loop production process’ meaning the water used is recycled and fewer chemicals are required. We add minimal polyester to achieve a product that’s technical and durable. The selection process relies on finding the perfect blend of fabrics to produce pieces that will last, which in combination with our future-looking initiatives, decreases our environmental impact.


Post-manufacturing, our sustainable efforts manifest at the customer-level. We select only fibres that inhibit bacterial growth which decreases washes needed and water used over the lifecycle of a single pair of pants.


Our repair program, which enables customers to drop-off pants at both retail locations, provides free pant repair for one year after purchase. Decisions like these keep our pants out of the landfill and reduce the water usage.

The truth is, we’re well underway and we’re also just getting started.


In the future, our initiatives will grow to have a greater positive impact. One year from now we’ll have transitioned to using a low impact dye technique called crystal clear to decrease water usage, toxicity levels and environmental impact. Our denim will be constructed with organic cotton and our pants will be free of leather patches (vegan). Plastics and synthetics will be minimized across the whole product line from packaging to fabric composition.