What to Wear In 80 Degree Weather

Although summer is a welcome reprieve from rainy and snowy weather, hot weather brings its own set of style challenges. Once temperatures rise to 80-degree weather and up, choosing the right outfit that looks and feels good in the heat can be difficult. It all comes down to the right fabrics, cuts, and accessories. 

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If you’re looking for some hot weather style inspiration read on. We've put together a summer fabric and style guide that will make dressing in 80-degree (27 degree Celsius) weather a breeze.

Fabric for function

In hot weather, heavy or synthetic fabrics like nylon or acrylic can make the heat even more unbearable. The key to looking and staying cool in 80-degree weather is choosing lightweight, breathable, natural fabrics. We’ve put together a list of summer fabrics to look out for below. 

Fabric Type

When to Wear


Cotton is a staple in most clothing items, and it’s perfect for day-to-day wear. Contrary to what most think,100% cotton is not breathable, so in hot weather, choose a cotton blend with Lycra or Tencel. 


Polyester by itself is not a great choice for hot weather as it's not very breathable. Polyblends, however, are ideal for the heat since they’re lightweight, breathable and moisture-wicking—which is also why they're a staple in activewear. 


Tencel is the better alternative to cotton—it’s much more absorbent and sustainably sourced! You can find it in plenty of pants and t-shirts. Tencel is lightweight, so garments made with it tend to be flowy—the perfect choice for 80-degree weather. 

Merino Wool

While traditional wool is a hot weather no-no, Merino wool is actually lightweight enough to wear running! It’s breathable and has great moisture-wicking capabilities. If you prefer the comfort of a sweater even in the heat, we recommend reaching for Merino wool. 


Chambray is a lighter weight alternative to denim. Depending on the threadcount of the fabric, chambray button downs are professional enough for the office or in lower thread counts are more casual and rugged-looking. 


Linen, derived from the flax plant, is the second strongest material after silk and is highly absorbent. Due to its natural fibers, it’s lightweight and breathable.

Picking “Cool” Clothes

Knowing which fabrics are best for the 80-degree weather is a step in the right direction to staying cool. Let’s look at the elements of great hot weather fashion from head to toe.


In 80-degree weather, removable layers are your friend! A lightweight jacket or sweater is ideal for warm weather activities like cycling, rock climbing , or  hiking. Make sure your base layer is made from a breathable, moisture-wicking fabric like Tencel or a polyblend. 


In the summer heat, wear loose or cropped bottoms to stay cool. If you prefer longer pants, check out our No Sweat line with professional pants you can wear in the heat yet feel as comfortable as your favorite sweats. You can also pair a flowy skirt or pair of shorts with a staple item like a crisp white t-shirt. 


How could we exclude undergarments? Although they’re hidden away, the right undergarments  certainly affect our comfort level in hot, humid weather. 

For women, sports bras and bralettes are ideal for the hot weather as they’re usually made with nylon and spandex for breathability without the discomfort of underwires. 

In terms of underwear, material is everything. The wrong material can trap heat and lead to bacteria growth and odor. BN3TH’s pouch underwear are made with sustainably sourced Tencel Modal for breathability and provide extra support. Their unisex underwear comes in vibrant designs for men, women and anyone in between. 


The most important accessory on hot, sunny days is a hat to protect your head from direct sunlight. And while not exactly an accessory, sunscreen is also vital in 80-degree weather. Even if you’re wearing a hat, don't skip it!


In most situations, sandals or lightweight running shoes will suit 80-degree weather. Avoid heavy boots unless required for work or if you're an avid hiker. 

Summer style for every situation

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Around the Office

Usually, hot weather calls for casual, loose-fitting clothes, but this doesn’t always work for the office. You can’t show up in cut-offs but you can still be comfortable! Here’s how:

For a feminine look in hot weather, a lightweight dress or skirt (made with Tencel or linen) is a great option for staying cool and comfortable. A colorful flowy romper or jumpsuit is another option, as they range from casual to professional in design. For the office, pair the Performance Denim Jumpsuit with a blazer and black sneakers or oxfords. If you’d like something lightweight, try a linen or chiffon jumpsuit with flats or sandals. 

Of course, a dress and skirt are not the preference of all women, so we also suggest dressing up a pair of jeans or joggers. The Live Lite Jogger in neutral twig can take a white blouse and black blazer to the next level. 

If your fashion sense leans toward the masculine, you can also opt for lightweight trousers or jeans on casual Friday! The Weightless Denim Beachcomber jeans are slightly cropped with a dark wash for business casual dress codes yet the comfort of jeans. For more formal office settings, a light-colored linen suit is the perfect choice in 80-degree weather. 

Happy Hour

If you’re coming from the office, you can dress down your work clothing by dropping the blazer or suit coat. If you’re planning for a patio, wear light colors to reflect the sun’s rays. 

For a feminine look, grab a pair of loose or flowy pants like the Live Lite Free Pant with a sleeveless blouse or bodysuit.

For a masculine look, opt for  a pair of shorts in a bright color—like the Live Free Journey Shorts in Persimmon. Pair them with a button down that has the same color in the pattern for subtle cohesion in your outfit!

Backyard Barbecue

a group of friends socializing on a patio

Hanging with friends and family grilling tasty treats is one of the best things about 80-degree weather! 

If you‘d rather enjoy the BBQ than cook it, try the Performance Denim Commuter Short with a button down and a t-shirt underneath.  

For a more feminine look, a cropped tee is a versatile item perfect for a backyard  barbecue. The Only Tee Crop comes in black and white—colors that can match whatever shorts or skirt you want to pair it with! 

Summer Wedding

Summer weddings are a blast, but stuffy suits and dresses can make long ceremonies even more unbearable. 

Linen suits are the answer! Men and women can rock a linen suit at weddings all summer long. They’re lightweight and breathable so you can hit the dance floor (or the buffet) without any concern about overheating. If you prefer a feminine look, a lightweight dress made of chiffon or silk will keep you comfortable all night long.

Just remember to express your style, choose clothes for the formality of the occasion, and skip the white/cream colors. 


Whether it's a hiking date or solo, hikes can be a great form of exercise and a way to connect with nature. Just make sure to choose one with adequate shade and to avoid the hottest hours of the day.

Usually, long pants and a long sleeved shirt are best to protect your skin from brush, branches, and bugs. If it’s too hot though, try to pick a trail where brush is minimal so you can wear a t-shirt and shorts. The Live Free Journey Short has a long inseam which will protect you from chafing during your hike. 

Staying cool in 80 degree weather

Choosing the right styles for the heat is all about fabric! At DUER we’ve researched and developed clothing for year-round wear and seasonal fashion. 

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Shop our hot weather pants and collection of men's jeans and women's jeans so you can stay cool and look cool doing it.