How to Wash Jeans Without Shrinking for Long-Lasting Wear

If you're a denim enthusiast, you know that the perfect pair of jeans is a treasured staple. But one common issue that affects denim lovers is having them shrink after washing. Fortunately, there are ways to wash your jeans without causing them to shrink, ensuring they maintain their ideal fit and shape. In this step-by-step guide, we'll share the ultimate secrets to avoid shrinking your jeans, whether you prefer machine or hand washing.

Why Do Jeans Shrink?

Before we dive into the washing techniques, let's understand why jeans tend to shrink in the first place. Jeans are typically made of cotton, and when they are woven, tension is applied to the fabric fibres. During the manufacturing process, this tension is released, causing the fibres to relax and contract when exposed to heat and moisture. Different denim fabrics may react differently to washing and drying, with raw denim being more prone to shrinkage.

Preparing Jeans for Washing: Understanding Care Labels and Detergent Effects

Care Labels: Before tossing your jeans into water, pause and check the care label. This small tag inside your jeans is a treasure trove of information, guiding you on how to love and care for your denim. It's crucial to follow these instructions as they are tailored to the fabric's specific needs. The care label indicates the ideal water temperature, washing cycle, and drying method. Ignoring these can lead to premature fading, wear, and yes, the dreaded compression. So, take a moment to read and respect these guidelines – your jeans will thank you for it. Choosing the

Right Detergent: The detergent aisle is a plethora of choices, but not all detergents are denim-friendly. Harsh chemicals in some laundry detergents can be tough on denim fibres, causing them to weaken and fade. Opt for mild, liquid detergents that are designed for delicate fabrics. These gentler formulas clean effectively without stripping away the natural oils of the cotton fibres in your denim. Also, consider detergents that are colour-safe to keep your dark jeans from turning into a washed-out grey. Remember, the right detergent can make a world of difference in extending the life and look of your jeans.

1. Turn Jeans Inside Out

Before washing your jeans, turn them inside out. This simple step helps protect the outer surface and the colour from fading.

2. Fasten Zippers and Buttons

Make sure to fasten zippers and buttons on your jeans. This prevents them from snagging on other clothing items during the wash cycle.

Machine Washing Jeans

Machine washing is a convenient way to clean your jeans while minimizing the risk of shrinking.

1. Set the Machine to Delicate and Cold Water

When using a washing machine, set it to the delicate or gentle cycle with cold water. Hot water can cause denim to shrink, so it's best to avoid it.

2. Use Mild Liquid Detergent or White Vinegar

Opt for a mild liquid detergent specifically designed for cold water wash. Alternatively, you can add a cup of white vinegar to the wash to help set the colour and prevent fading.

3. Group with Similar Colours

Always wash your jeans with similar colours to prevent dye transfer. This is especially important for dark or coloured denim.

Hand Washing Techniques

Hand washing is a gentler option for cleaning your jeans and reduces the risk of jeans shrinking.

1. Steps for Hand Washing in Cold Water

  • Fill a basin or tub with cold water.
  • Add a small amount of mild detergent or white vinegar.
  • Gently mix the water to create suds.
  • Submerge your jeans and gently rub the fabric to remove dirt.
  • Rinse thoroughly with cold water until all detergent is removed.


2. Use Mild Detergents or Vinegar

As with machine washing, use mild detergents designed for cold water or add white vinegar to help preserve the colour.

3. Gentle Agitation and Rinsing Methods

Avoid excessive wringing or twisting of your jeans. Instead, gently press out excess water and hang them to drip dry.

Drying Jeans Properly

1. Avoid the Dryer Avoid tumble drying your jeans at all costs.

2. Air Drying Methods

  • Indoor Drying: Hang your jeans indoors on a sturdy hanger or lay them flat on a clean, dry towel.
  • Outdoor Drying: If possible, hang your jeans outside in the fresh air. The natural breeze helps maintain their shape and freshness.


3. Tips for Reducing Wrinkles and Maintaining Shape

To reduce wrinkles, smooth out your jeans with your hands before hanging them to dry. Make sure they are slightly damp, not dripping wet.

What to Do When Your Jeans Do Shrink

Despite your best efforts, sometimes jeans can still shrink. Here's what you can do:

Stretching Techniques: If your favourite jeans have shrunk, don't despair! You can often coax them back to their former glory with some simple stretching techniques. For the waistband, try wearing the jeans while they are damp and doing some light exercises like lunges or squats. This can help stretch the fabric gently. For the legs and other tight areas, lay the jeans flat, and while they are still slightly damp, use your hands to gently stretch the fabric. Work slowly and carefully, and you might just be able to bring them back to a comfortable fit.

Creative Upcycling: Sometimes, jeans shrink beyond the point of no return. But before you toss them out, consider upcycling or professional alterations. A skilled tailor can transform those tight jeans into trendy denim shorts or a chic denim skirt. You can also get creative at home – turn them into a denim bag, a patch for another pair of jeans, or even a funky piece of denim art. Upcycling not only gives your jeans a second life but also helps in reducing textile waste – a win-win for you and the environment! For more creative upcycle ideas check out our blog here.



Q: How do I keep my jeans from shrinking in the wash?

A: To prevent shrinkage, turn your jeans inside out, wash in cold water, and avoid using the dryer.

Q: How do you wash jeans without ruining them?

A: Use mild detergents, cold water, and gentle washing and drying methods to wash jeans without causing damage.

Q: Do jeans shrink if you air dry them?

A: No, air drying is a safe method that reduces the risk of shrinkage compared to using a dryer.


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