How to do a Bar Tack

What is a Bar Tack?

So, what's a "Bar Tack"? Let's start with that. The intention of a bar tack is to discreetly reinforce a seam, buttonhole or any pressure point on a piece of clothing to deliver refined security

We've found a clever way to implement this tailoring technology by stitching them in equidistant intervals up the inseam of our new Midweight Wide Leg Jeans & our Midweight High Rise ShortThis makes custom alterations and the ability to personalize your jeans and shorts, possible.

Think of it as a sturdy stopping point and guide for a "Do It Yourself" classic summer cut-off hem. 


Starting a Bar Tack

Hemming pants

To start, pull on your garment in a full-length mirror so you can get a feel for where you want the bottom of the hemline to sit. Look along the inseam to where the bar tacks are stitched and mark a line with chalk (or something you can wash off) just below the stitch from the outer to inner leg at your desired inseam.

man looking at himself in the mirror

Time for the fun part, when you've found the look you love, remove the garment and find a sharp pair of scissors to cut along the leg in a line (keeping below the bar tacks). Keep in mind once you've made the cut there is no going back so if you're not sure you can always make incremental alterations to start.

worker at a sewing machine

Once you've finished your tailoring, hold up your new cut-offs with pride, notice how the inseam remains strong and fray resistant thanks to the added reinforcement so you can enjoy your custom fit for any activity the day holds.

man and woman embracing each other wearing DUER jeans

Both these fits are made from our signature Performance Denim and are cast in a beautiful vintage blue wash that you can wear effortlessly through any season.

woman in DUER pants playing basketball

At DUER, we're all about bringing style and comfort together in plant-based performance fabrics so you can feel good about looking good through whatever you do in a day.