Best Climbing Spots Near Vancouver

A Squamish Summer, My Top Spots

- Information provided by Tyler Weber // @tylerweberphoto

With summer quickly coming to an end as does my summer in Squamish, I was recently asked by my good friends at Duer why I loved climbing in Squamish so darn much. When they asked me to write a blog entry on the topic I jumped at the chance because Squamish is honestly my version of heaven so a post is a piece of cake!

Squamish itself is a rock climbing mecca, and probably Canada's top destination and most saturated location for quality climbing of all styles. Its inspiring lines have entranced climbers from all over the world ever since Ed Cooper and Jim Baldwin pulled over the top of the Chief in 1961.

A decade ago, my wife and I made our first pilgrimage to Squamish and I was immediately lovestruck and have been frequenting the area ever since. There’s no way you could ever climb it all, so I’ve challenged myself to narrow it down and share with you my top Squamish climbing spots. It’s difficult to say what specific climbing areas I love most but there are definitely a few that I frequent more than others. I’ve nailed it down to two but I have to say there’s no clear winner here as I have fallen in love with both spots equally.

Murrin Park

This place has my whole heart and it’s the complete package if you’re looking for a day out to not only climb, but swim and chill at the beach. The place is incredible for a million reasons not to mention that the parking lot gives you instant access to several classic Squamish rock climbs. If I had to choose only one reason why Murrin Park is in my top two Squamish climbing hot spots, I would say it has everything to do with just one boulder problem, Prime Time Sit Down.

This incredible overhanging boulder lends itself to my style so much that I have climbed it more than one hundred times. That said, if you’re not into bouldering, take a walk in any direction and you’ll find ultra classic rock climbs that will suit your style and level of difficulty. When you’ve had all you can handle and you’re pumped out of your mind, take a stroll down to the lake and cool off in that lake. Seriously, you’d be crazy to overlook this spot, you gotta go.

Climbing Murrin Park Squamish

The Clean Boulders

This one might seem odd considering I am narrowing it down to one small location that is a part of the vast expanse that is the North Wall Boulders, but hear me out. The Clean Boulders are just that; clean with super flat landings and a variety of moderate boulder problems. The biggest reason I love this spot so much is that it’s where I introduced my daughter to bouldering and it will be, without a doubt, where the soft fingers of our unborn baby girl will get their first grasp of granite block. The thing about The Clean Boulders is that they inspire and foster a love for climbing. I take friends and family to these boulders and give them their first taste of granite bouldering and it fills me with joy to see their eyes light up as they top out on some of Squamish’s most forgiving yet epic boulder problems. The area has something for everyone and you can bring your lunch and camp chair along as it is, like many Squamish climbing spots just meters from the parking lot.

Now if you are looking for a few specific boulders problems to try, go for these you won’t be disappointed. Here’s the list with images provided for your viewing pleasure!

Climbing Clean Boulders Squamish

I left out some of the more obvious areas in Squamish but I think those areas, such as the Grand Wall, speak for themselves. And, often my favourite spots have more to do with the feeling of joy they bring me in the moment climbing, than the climbing routes themselves. I have left out all roped climbing, and yes there are a zillion areas I could have talked about but the truth is bouldering is and will always be my preferred form of climbing, just me and my shoes, so pure and joyful. In the end, if you are a climber, Squamish itself with put you under its spell, regardless of the location. But it’s these two amazing spots that I have fallen the hardest in love with.