Performance Denim: Innovating Iconic Jeanswear

At Duer, we make clothing that combines the aesthetics of jeanswear and the performance of technical clothing. Designed for those who value both style and functionality, our denim is the perfect companion for any activity, ensuring all-day comfort and a limitless range of motion. Our Performance Denim is not just about looking good; it's about feeling good and performing even better. Here’s a closer look at what sets our denim apart:

Technical Denim with an Iconic Look

While preserving the traditional denim aesthetic, we've infused our jeans with technical features that respond to the needs of an active, modern lifestyle.

Innovative Fabric Composition

  • 70% Organic Cotton: This blend honors the classic denim texture and appearance while promoting sustainable practices.
  • 28% COOLMAX®: This key component is where our denim truly shines. COOLMAX® technology brings exceptional moisture-wicking and temperature regulation properties to our jeans. This inclusion ensures that you remain cool and dry, adapting to both warm and cool conditions, making our denim ideal for all seasons and settings.
  • 2% LYCRA®: This addition provides the necessary stretch and flexibility, ensuring our denim moves with you, offering unparalleled comfort and freedom of movement.

Signature Gusset for Enhanced Mobility

Our unique signature gusset design is a testament to our dedication to functional fashion, offering an unmatched range of motion, ideal for the unpredictability of daily life.


The incorporation of COOLMAX® into our denim is not just a feature; it's a statement of our brand's ethos. It enhances the functionality of our jeans, setting a new standard in fabric performance. This choice reflects our commitment to providing clothing that is not only stylish but also highly functional and sustainable.

Embrace the Duer Lifestyle

Our clothing is for those who value an active, yet relaxed lifestyle. Whether you're cycling through the city, attending a spontaneous event, or exploring nature, Duer’s Performance Denim is designed to adapt to your needs, enabling you to embrace life's unpredictability in style and comfort.

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At Duer, we don't just make jeans; we create experiences. Our Performance Denim, enhanced with COOLMAX® technology, is a testament to our vision of blending classic style with modern functionality, making every moment great.



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