At DUER we make life simpler by designing for the modern individual who wants to lead an effortless, active life without sacrificing style. Our product speaks for itself and so do our ambassadors. Our ambassador program focuses on creating organic relationships with like minded thrill seekers, wanderers, visual storytellers, trail blazers, and champions of the brand. This program is an extension of our brand as it advocates individuals to live a bold and brave life through our versatile product variety. 

In 2017 we brought to life what it meant to be a ‘DUER’ by creating our ambassador program. Celebrating cool people, doing cool things in our product. In 2018, we want to create a best in class program that builds on the authenticity of being a DUER.


Above all else, we want you to be a lover of DUER. Our program is all inclusive and welcomes all walks of life from all corners of the world. Whether you shoot with an iPhone or DSLR, teach meditation or crossfit classes, explore the tropics of Thailand or concrete jungles of NYC, manage four social accounts or manage two dogs/five cats/one hamster - we want to hear about you! At the end of the day we believe in building organic relationships, so come on and become part of our growing community of DUERs.

Don’t fit into the above? Check out our partnership and affiliate programs for more ways on how you can get involved with DUER.



  • Free product
  • Product Discount (personal + friends/family)
  • Commission (check out our affiliate program)
  • Website/blog features
  • Featured in national + global marketing campaigns
  • Host in-store events, Vancouver-based (for now)
  • $$$ Compensation
  • Social Love
  • Sponsorship of personal initiatives/events
  • Instagram story takeovers
  • Test out new product before it launches publically (we love feedback)
  • Become part of a growing brand expanding internationally in 2018