Introducing The Women's 9-to-9 Button Down

Women's 9-to-9 Button Down Kickstarter

First time hearing about our Best Do Anything/Wear Anywhere Shirts? Probably not. Our shirts are taking the Kickstarter world by storm. They’re comfortable, breathable, stretchy, and anti-stink. The fabric components that make this shirt so life-changing are literally embedded in the fibres, meaning our performance shirts have you covered 24/7 - no joke.

9-to-9 Button Down Kickstarter

After surpassing our stretch-goal of $125,000 (a milestone goal during a Kickstarter campaign that usually unlocks new products) we introduced our women's 9-to-9 Button Down. The 9-to-9 Button Down will boast similar features as the men’s button down including:

  • Comfort Collar
  • Patented DUER Gusset
  • Articulated Arms (non-restrive stretch)
  • Performance Hem
  • Headphone Cable Port
  • Utility Pocket

… And many more!

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