Introducing the Best Do Anything/Wear Anywhere Performance T-Shirts

Well, DUERs you asked and we delivered! You already love our pants, and now we’re excited to complete the rest of the equation with the introduction of our Do Anything/Wear Anywhere Performance Shirts on Kickstarter. 

New to Kickstarter? Not us. 

The Kickstarter community is like a second family to us. It gives the DUER team an opportunity to introduce innovative and ground-breaking products to people around the globe - both virtually and physically. You could even say that we’re veterans at it. With three successful projects under our belts,  our newest Kickstarter Campaign surpassed our goal of $50,000 within 11 hours of launching!

But, if you’re reading this it’s not too late.  We still have a few early-birds left and a lot more product for you to order to be part of our global movement. Take a look and see why your old shirts deserve an upgrade.

9-to-9 Button Down Kickstarter

The Problem: A button down shirt is a wardrobe essential, but you have limited choices if you want to look good and move freely.

The bottom line: shirt technology hasn’t kept up with modern lives. But we have.

Our solution:
Our proprietary fabric includes cotton for comfort, COOLMAX® to keep you cool and sweat free, and spandex so you can reach, run, bike or whatever you do in a day. We even added anti-stink and anti-wrinkle treatments to keep you looking (and smelling) fresh.

Kickstarter 24-hour tee shirt

The problem: There are tons of t-shirts out there. But they tend to be basic cotton tees with no performance attributes (like if they get wet and they stay wet) or their polyester monstrosities that don’t breathe, smell bad and look worse.

Can’t a t-shirt give you the best of both worlds? This one can.

Our solution: The 24-Hour T-Shirt.
This t-shirt has got your back. Cotton for that classic cool and Lycra to add the stretch you love in workout tees, without the gym look. Plus Tencel®. Oooh, you’re going to love Tencel®. It's a magically, sustainable, super soft fibre derived from Eucalyptus trees that absorb moisture. It's also naturally anti-bacterial, so your shirt will never stink.  

So, what are you waiting for? Back The Best Do Anything/Wear Anywhere Performance Shirts NOW on